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23: You gaze thoughtfully out a window.

You gaze thoughtfully out the window, watching the rain fall. In your hand is a glass of amber liquid.

“Hasn’t this been done?” I remark.

“What?” you reply.

“The ‘gaze-out-a-window-while-swilling-scotch’ shtick.”

“This is root beer diluted with water,” you explain. I stare at you. “Root beer is some pretty strong stuff by itself!” you express.

No… it isn’t.

You return your gaze to the window. There’s a raccoon out there, in the rain! Ho! Ho ho! Look how wet he is!

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Do you want to know about me? Of course not! You're far more interested in what I know about you. In fact, you're a little concerned with what I know about you... because how do I know that? It's no matter. To understand would require a brief swim in the murky depths of my mind, and you didn't bring your swimsuit and also you don't like getting wet. Never mind me. Let's talk about you.

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