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18: Your revised bucket list.

“Ta da!” you say proudly, handing me the list you were working on last we spoke. Quietly, I inconspicuously slide your diary under the nearest piece of furniture. I will have to read your thoughts on how hunky Brad Pitt is another day.

Unfortunately, the nearest piece of furniture was a [desk chair/glass coffee table/otherwise insufficient hiding spot].

“Is that my diary?” you say suspiciously.

“Oh my, what an interesting list!” I say loudly to distract you, and it works! Smugly, you settle in beside me, eager to hear me read your list aloud. So you like to hear me both in writing and in voice? Well, I’m touched.

“My Bucket List”

1) Go jogging.
2) Clean out refrigerator.
3) See a movie.
4) Cook something.
5) Be a hero.
6) Give bananas one last chance.
7) Buy a bucket.

It’s short, but sweet, and it makes me smile. I ask you, though: “Are you sure this is a bucket list? This sounds more like a to-do list.”

“It’s my bucket list for this year,” you explain. “Inspired by me.”

“That’s vague,” I say. You wink.

Well, it certainly is an interesting list. Is there anything you’d like to add to it?

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Do you want to know about me? Of course not! You're far more interested in what I know about you. In fact, you're a little concerned with what I know about you... because how do I know that? It's no matter. To understand would require a brief swim in the murky depths of my mind, and you didn't bring your swimsuit and also you don't like getting wet. Never mind me. Let's talk about you.

One response to “18: Your revised bucket list.

  1. No? You’re good with what you have for now?
    Then, it’s time to take yourself to task!
    “Tomorrow,” you mumble, climbing into bed and taking a long snooze.
    Quietly, I add “Stop procrastinating” on your list. You roll over the list in your sleep and your sweat erases this line. How suspiciously specific your sweat is! Hmph!

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