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17: Your thoughts on lemons.

Damn lemons! you write. What kind of a fruit are they? Fruits are supposed to be sweet and yummy, like a fresh and juicy watermelon, but these things are sour and sucky! They suck your cheeks right in! Why do these yellow footballs even exist?!
You look from side to side nervously, and add to your entry:
They are the best! When you grate the rind, oh, what a fabulous smell! They have that wonderful lemon-y smell that can’t be beat! Plus they are the colour of the sun and they’re beautiful to look at, and they don’t burn your eyes like the sun does, unless you get lemon juice in them and then they burn in a different way. But lemon juice becomes lemonade, or else adds a citrus touch to your cooking! And with a little pinch of sugar they are sweet as well as tangy, and how many fruits can boast to be tangy? Not bananas, that’s for damn sure! Those damn bananas!
And here you go into a stream of expletives.
Such fruitless passion.

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