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11: Your fatigue.

You are feeling fatigued. I ask you what this means.

“Imagine a weight on your shoulders,” you begin, but I must stop you right there. I regularly wear weights on my shoulders. I find them stylish, and adding bulk to my shoulders makes me feel more powerful. You do not want to argue the benefits and fashionableness of shoulder weights, so you start over.

“Imagine you are lying down,” you begin, and because it is an easy request, I comply by lying down accordingly.

“Now imagine a blanket of sand atop you,” you continue. “A very thick blanket of sand, wet sand. It’s very heavy. Next, on top of this is a lead blanket.”

You pause here to contemplate that lead is poisonous. Are you trying to kill me?! You say you are just making a point, but it seems to me you are sharpening a point, with which to stab me. I think I have discussed with you before this concerning propensity for violence, and would remind you once more that an empathetic, reasonable, and thus superior human being would not resort to violence in such unnecessary circumstances. You have not perused through your science textbook recently (which is silly, since there is no better bedtime reading, and one must always be refreshed on hydrocarbons in case they come up in daily conversation, which they will), and thus the other heavy metals do not easily come to mind, and you feel hard-pressed to use lead. You suggest this is non-poisonous lead, but wouldn’t the lack of its toxic aspects make it less heavy? You spend a lot of time thinking about this but finally decide non-poisonous lead is even heavier, extremely heavy in fact!

You have almost lost your train of thought, and glance at me for conversation. Actually, I fell asleep shortly after lying down, and did not hear a word you said. Fortunately I am imaginative enough to estimate what you’ve been saying while I was out.

You glare at me rather irritably for whatever reason. It is probably because I know more science than you. Further, after waking me so abruptly, should I not be the one who is miffed? I was having a rather nice nap.

You explain that the fatigue you feel is a heaviness, a drowsiness, a blanket of exhaustion, and expending this much effort explaining it to me has fatigued you even further.

“So I was right that you were talking about blankets!” I say happily. “If you are fatigued,” I continue, “Why don’t you lie down? I will fetch you a blanket of sand and lead.”

You are very irritated now, because I have clearly not been listening to you, but I have problems of my own to worry about. I thought you might be referring to ‘fatigues’, the army clothing, rather than ‘fatigue’, the state, and thus have been very confused. You are angrier still that I did not specify the non-poisonous lead.

This was no accident. Mu, muha, muha ha ha!

I joke with you. I am getting you a heavy down blanket. I’m sure that when you feel as low as you do, you will appreciate the further push into the ground. You will like that consistency.

Rest well, my friend. Relax those frowning face muscles. Sleep away your fatigue. If sand is what you want, I’ll take you to the beach.

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