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9: Your small victory.

You are ambitious! You strive for the sun and the stars! You reach your hand out day and night, and when you squint very hard, it looks like they’re close enough to touch. You will taste victory, Big Victory, one day.

In the meantime, you take a moment to enjoy the small victories in your life. The moments that go well, the little successes. You may be a very lucky person who enjoys many of these, or you may be a less fortunate person who does not have many happy moments. All the more reason to cherish the ones you get. You have succeeded! Call out to the heavens, scream your joy into the sky!

“Life is good!” you shout optimistically, before slamming your foot into a door.

You smile because your efforts are appreciated, your skills are commented on, and your attractiveness is winked at. Yes, it might have been sand in her/his eye, but you’re fairly certain it’s you. Because You Win.

And you have to enjoy today, because tomorrow brings another challenge. I know because I’m the writer. Stay tuned!

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Do you want to know about me? Of course not! You're far more interested in what I know about you. In fact, you're a little concerned with what I know about you... because how do I know that? It's no matter. To understand would require a brief swim in the murky depths of my mind, and you didn't bring your swimsuit and also you don't like getting wet. Never mind me. Let's talk about you.

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