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8: You are mildly disappointed.

There’s no post on Sundays. You read that in Harry Potter, and what in that story wasn’t true?

About moriwriter

Do you want to know about me? Of course not! You're far more interested in what I know about you. In fact, you're a little concerned with what I know about you... because how do I know that? It's no matter. To understand would require a brief swim in the murky depths of my mind, and you didn't bring your swimsuit and also you don't like getting wet. Never mind me. Let's talk about you.

5 responses to “8: You are mildly disappointed.

  1. But there are still owls!

    • I may have overestimated the efficacy of owls. I wrote out a post by quill and by candlelight, and found an owl on my windowsill. I attempted to attach the post to the owl. It fought valiantly, but it was no match for my perseverance, and I was able to attach my post. I was hoping it might go somewhere where you could read it… it did not make it past a nearby tree, where the owl managed to remove it, peck it, tear it slightly, and move on. Owls can be surprisingly cruel.

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